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The Mindful Business Conference

Many corporate leaders are bringing mindfulness practices into the workplace and seeing an impressive list of business outcomes. An engaged workforce, enhanced high performance, and effective leadership–these are only a few of the real and measureable positive impacts mindfulness can have. It’s an emerging field, yet scientific research is already suggesting multiple benefits for the workplace. Join an extraordinarily diverse group of corporate leaders who will share their experiences in bringing a variety of mindfulness practices into the workplace. Hear about the successes as well as the failures, and learn how these practices can bring tangible benefit to your business. Keep up-to-date on conference content and updates: @MindfulBizConf


Who Attends

The Mindful Business Conference is geared towards professionals who have responsibility and influence in HR, growth and development, talent acquisition and retention, corporate culture, innovation and people. Attendees are executive level decision makers across a broad range of industries.

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Podcast: Creating a Mindful Business

Leading voice on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society as well as the creator of the Digital Mindfulness Podcast series, Lawrence Ampofo discusses the importance of integrating mindful practices into the business world. This discussion alongside Mindful Business Conference co-founders, Joe Burton, CEO of Whil.com, Jim Gimian, co-Founder of Mindful Magazine and Mindful.org, and Erick Randolph, producer of the conference, brings to light the importance of a happy, healthy and productive organization in today's always connected age.

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  • Costikyan_800x800

    "I’m looking forward to conversations about the ‘edgy’ side of mindfulness—questions, dilemmas and cautionary tales that emerge from successful initiatives."

    Nancy Costikyan - Director, Office of Work/Life, Harvard University
  • MG Piatt_800x800

    "I would like to learn how other professionals made a strong case to their leadership on considering mindfulness practices within their organizations."

    Walt Piatt - Major General, U.S. Army, Headquarters Department of the Army
  • Dimovski_800x800

    "For business leaders looking to mobilize their organization around meaningful and sustainable growth, this conference is a great opportunity."

    Svetlana Dimovski - Senior Manager, Innovation Excellence, BASF Corporation
  • Van Driel_800x800

    "I am looking forward to connecting with others on the topics of mindfulness and how it intersects with the way we do business."

    Lindsay Van Driel - Platform Strategist: Software Solutions Group, Creative Director: Awake@Intel, Intel Corporation
  • Tappert_800x800

    "I’m excited for the opportunity to spend time with leaders from other settings who see the value of creating mindful organizational cultures."

    Tod Tappert - Vice President, Chief of Staff & System Chief Learning Officer, Greenville Health System

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